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Welcome to Kindergarten!!  My name is Natalie M. Grimes, I am beginning my eleventh year teaching Kindergarten.  They have all been here at O'Rourke Elementary School in Kindergarten.  I graduated from the University of Mobile in 2005, with a double major in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I also have my Masters in Elementary Education from the University of South Alabama. I absolutely love Kindergarten.  The joy it brings me is undescribable.  I am originally from Montgomery, AL.  In 2002, I moved to where my family had relocated which happened to be Mobile.  I soon after met my husband Brian Grimes.  We have been married for eleven years.  We have three children.

I am so excited about this year and spending time with you and your child.  Since I have been here at O'Rourke I have had the best parental support.  I hope to have another amazing year with wonderful parents and students.  If we work as a team and communicate we will all be sure to succeed. 

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