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Guidance Counseling




Dear Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff,

     What a wonderful start to the 2014-2015 school year!  I am looking forward to beginning my 14th year here at O'Rourke!   

As a counselor, I seek to meet the needs of students and families in the following ways...

     Classroom Guidance

     Guidance lessons are taught to each class in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  These lessons cover the Six Pillars of Character (Respect, Responsibility, Citizenship, Caring, Fairness and Trustworthiness) and seek to give students the necessary tools in order to lead healthy and successful lives.  Other topics covered in classroom guidance include cooperation, drug and alcohol awareness, health and personal safety, self esteem and bullying. 

     Individual Planning

     Individual Planning consists of the scheduling and implementation of Individual and Small Group counseling sessions based on the individual needs of students and their families.  These sessions are scheduled based upon teacher and parent referral.  Topics covered in Individual and Small Group counseling are personal, vary and can often change based on student situations.

     Responsive Services

     Counselors provide Responsive Services in the midst of crisis or emergencies.  These services are often unplanned for and can occur on an immediate basis.

     System Support

     In System Support, counselors work directly with community agencies and organizations to better serve their students.  Child Advocacy Center, Department of Human Resources and Big Brothers/Big Sisters are just a few of the many organizations we partner with during the school year.  Serving as Test Coordinators, we also support the local school system by organizing, distributing and administering assessments such as the Criterion Referenced Tests each quarter, the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing in February, Stanford Achievement Test, Alabama Reading and Math Test and the Alabama Science Assessment in the Spring. 

    Uniform Closet

    We do receive uniforms from local agencies and consignment shops in our area.  If you are in need of uniforms, please contact the office or e-mail us.  Because we receive an assortment, we cannot ensure that we will have your child's size but we will do our best to provide them with uniforms that fit appropriately.  If you would like to donate uniforms, please make sure they are clean and free of fading, tears, holes, rips, etc.  We only accept items that are in O'Rourke's dress code. 

*Check out the Community Resources link(under News) for contact information to additional agencies.

      Making an Appointment

     *Please let me know if I can assist you and your child/children.  I can best be reached by school e-mail (listed below) but you can also reach me through the school office.  If you would like to make an appointment, please contact the office at 221-1585.  Because my schedule is quite full, making an appointment will ensure that your conference time will be maximized and utilized efficiently.  Also remember that school counselors are not licensed therapists-my job is to temporarily assist your child during the school day.  If additional assistance is needed, I have an extensive file of outside resources that can provide long-term care.





    We are excited to be implementing the Kids with Character program again this year!  This program seeks to not only enhance lifelong skills but the overall school environment.  Each month, one of the six dominant character traits (listed below) will be taught during guidance counseling and will also be the focus in every classroom.  At the end of each quarter, one child who consistently demonstrates outstanding overall character  will be chosen from each class to represent the school.  These children will be honored and recognized schoolwide.  Check the website each quarter for our Kids with Character!

Six Traits of Character

The following traits will be taught during these months...

RESPECT........................August & September




FAIRNESS......................January & February

TRUSTWORTHINESS.........March & April


     Again, we look forward to another wonderful year!


Mrs. Brinson:

Mrs. Parris




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